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Review - The Style Councillors @ The Jazz Cafe

Do you remember the 21st night of September. I will this year...

I'm not sure how many pairs of loafers there are in Camden but last night that count went up ten fold and they was all pointing towards The Jazz Cafe to see The Style Councillors.

I'm not big on tribute acts and see them as a bit of a holiday camp/pub act. A bin man from Doncaster dressed in a white jump suit singing over Elvis karaoke tapes I can give a miss.

However with such a body of work Paul Weller tributes', has started to become a bankable act, be it solo or The Jam there have been quite a few and no doubt more to come. No one has ever tried to copy The Style Council, to reproduce that sound without backing tapes need a hell of a set up.

Well tonight this is what we witnessed, ten musicians enter the stage immaculately attired, an expectant crowd waiting to be drawn back 30 years. We wasn't to be disappointed.

It's been a while since I have listened to The Style Council, with radio stations only playing their hits I'd forgotten how great their sound was if you delve a little deeper than Wall Come Tumbling Down and Shout To The Top.

The opening bars of Big Boss Groove kick in and I'm back in the early eighties, surrounded by an appreciated shuffle of leather soled shoes.

This is only The Style Councillors second gig but you can tell that a lot of rehearsal has gone into getting the look and sound spot on. This wasn't a greatest hits set list but felt like a proper Council gig with as much love given to hidden album tracks as to chart success.

It has been a long time hidden that I have stood proud and declared myself an internationalist, whilst punching the air but this evening I wasn't the only one. Highlights for me was Solid Bond in your heart, Everything to lose and Very Deep Sea however everyone had their own favourites taking them back thirty plus Summer's.

If you ever saw TSC this is the best tribute you are going to get to their live work when they was at their best, it delivered a musical feast of which I wanted second helpings.

Darren Fletcher has to be congratulated getting this project of the ground and making it work, and taking on some big songs in the process. His vocals along with Helen Christa Mikellides really did provide a Council experience.

If you never saw or you did see The Style Council keep an eye out for forthcoming Councillors gigs, you won't be disappointed.


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